FileMaker® Pro database
Consulting, research, design, implementation, documentation and training.

Creation of new database systems, designed to customer requirements

Recovery & Updating of existing database files, including legacy versions of FileMaker

Training on basic Macintosh computer use.

Click here for an important note regarding older versions of FileMaker.

Whatever the size or nature of your organization, keeping up with today's world of changing requirements is a constant challenge. In light of this, we don't provide a static 'solution' but rather we design a database or database system that can grow and change as your organization changes. We feel that FileMaker Pro is especially well suited to this approach.

To do this, we stay in constant touch with you and your staff as we work. As we implement our design, we train you in its use, each step of the way. We watch how you use the features and adjust them as we go along to make sure that you and your database have the right 'fit.' As much as possible, we build documentation right into each database itself. We also provide user instruction manuals and other materials as needed.

We'd be happy to discuss your database or training needs with you whenever you feel ready.
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